Hi there!

My name is Christian Le and I am the current Secretary/Vice-President of ESN the Netherlands 2016-2017. You can summarize my work in one word: “communication”. As Vice-President I’ll be visiting every single section in the Netherlands to ensure their functionality by helping them with anything they need.


As a Secretary I am responsible for written internal and external communication for the National Board. Lastly I’ll be looking for opportunities to stimulate our SocialErasmus project. In a nutshell this is about involving international students in the local community by volunteering in local activities that foster a change in society. 

Having 2 parents who originate from different countries (Vietnam and France) has made me always very open-minded towards cultures. That is the reason I became part of ESN Rotterdam as a Cultural Events Manager last year. I had the amazing opportunity of bring many students together by organizing a various amount of activities. After this year I realized I wanted to stay connected to ESN and help contributing which is the reason I became active in the National Board.


One of my biggest goals this year is to narrow the gap between the national level and local level by keeping a strong line between the National Board and the sections altogether. By doing so I believe we can improve our network and take it to the next level.


I am looking forward to meet all of you!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions: secretary@esn-nl.org