Arrival Week 2020 will be happening from January 27th until February 2nd and is a full week of varied events - from dinners, to cultural events to parties! Get the full Arrival Week experience by purchasing your packages here.

Culture Package
- (€24) ESNcard, ISN Speedfriending, ISN Dutchie Evening, ISN Secret Places

Party Package
- Option I (€36): ESNcard, ISN Welcome Party, ISN Pubcrawl - Flag Edition, ISN Lights All Night
- Option II (€53): Option I + Cantus ticket

Experience Package
- Option I (€41): ESNcard, Culture Package events (except ISN Secret Places), Party package events
- Option II (€56): Option I + Cantus ticket

Why is it worth it to buy a package?
The Party Package includes the ESNcard in the special price - it is an essential pass to many local deals, free access to ISN events and a different discounts which can be found here, including a Ryanair discount!
We are also offering a second option - an extended package including a Cantus ticket. This means you don't have to stand in line to try to get it when the ticket sale happens!
What is a Cantus? Think Oktoberfest and karaoke combined in the best way possible. It's happening on the 13th of September!