It's time for the first Cantus of the Spring semester!

Haven't heard of Cantus yet? Let us tell you that it will be legen-wait for it-dary, not to mention epic and something you 100% want to be at! Cantus is an ISN Maastricht classic, it's an evening filled with singing songs and drinking beers. The best explanation may be that it's a combination of karaoke and Oktoberfest. But there is one catch: if you don't behave, the Praesidium has the right to punish you. Imagine drinking beer as a punishment, doesn't sound too bad does it?

Valentine's Day - Pink, red and everything romantic

**NO PREDRINKS - we have the right to deny you the entrance to the Cantus if you are (slightly) drunk.

€17.50 with ESNcard
€25.00 without ESNcard
Maximum 2 tickets per person, bring the physical cards of your friends as well!
(Tickets were also included in selected Arrival Week packages, but these need to be picked up during or after the Sale)

Tuesday 11th of February, 19:00 at the Office (Brouwersweg 100).

Doors open 19:30 and close 20:00. IDs will be checked (18+ only)

Dn Hiemel (Sint Bernardusstraat 24)

Wardrobe (a place where you can hang your coats) will be handled by the venue and will be charged €1 per person

14/02/2020 - 19:30