is the website of the cooperation between three student housing organizations: Guesthouse UM, Kamerburo and the Foundation for Student Housing in Maastricht (Stichting Studentenhuisvesting Maastricht). Its their shared goal to supply housing for students, staff and guests from Maastricht University, Hogeschool Zuyd and Jan van Eyck Academie.

Guesthouse UM offers 900 furnished rooms and studios mainly for short stay (less than a year) to exchange students and international bachelor and master students.

Kamerburo offers mainly unfurnished rooms and studios for long stay (more than one year).  The three official housing corporations in Maastricht - Maasvallei, Woonpunt and Servatius (see Our Partners) supply about 3.000 unfurnished accommodations. Private landlords supply over 10.000 units, mainly unfurnished. Most accommodations have shared facilities (kitchen and/or bathroom). The studios and apartments in student houses mostly have their own facilities.

To facilitate the search for housing all supply of Guesthouse and Kamerburo is joined on this website. Using a search profile, all rooms that apply to this profile will be shown. To receive the contact information of the landlord or housing corporation, you have to register. This costs 35 Euro once, for the whole period of your stay in Maastricht. There are no further mediation costs.

We advise you to start your search in time.

Because Maastricht is considered one of the safest cities in the Netherlands and because it is characterized by its small scale, many foreign students and the educational system of problem based learning, it wont be hard for you to feel welcome in Maastricht!